About Us

Our Story

For over 30 years Appleton Steel has been producing top-quality manufactured steel products delivered coast to coast and around the world. For years we outsourced our products to regional powder coating companies, but delays were common, and the results were often inconsistent at best. Finding the right combination of schedule availability, quality results, and good customer service proved to be quite difficult. After decades of “dealing with it” and moving from provider to provider, we made the decision to launch our own powder coating division.

As we began to process our own products more and more of our fellow manufacturing executives wanted to have us do their media prep and powder coating. They knew that we had spent over 30 years providing amazing service and quality and they wanted us to carry that level of excellence over into a powder coating solution that they could benefit from. We felt that our involvement with powder coating ran so deep and over so many decades that we could make that dream a reality and the rest is history.

Today our company stands strong because we built a strong foundation for it to stand on. We carefully recruited and hired the very best powder coaters and surrounded them with technical support teams that know the industry inside and out. We provided these “artists” with the very best equipment and committed to using only the highest quality powder. We knew that proper surface preparation was a key to a quality outcome so we set up a dry media blast process, a dustless hydro-blast system, and a Ph system to provide complete clarity and cleanliness prior to the powder coating process.

With us, size is never an issue as we have multiple oven options from very small to very large. Our ability to prepare and process your products is unmatched as we have multiple blast options, wash options, and powder coating options. We utilize powder products from multiple vendors and can produce finishes that meet your most exacting needs.