Powder Coating

Powder Coating Pre-Treatment
Media Blasting


At Red Rock Powder Coating we understand that you have to start right to finish right and that is why we put so much emphasis into our pre-treatment media blasting. An improperly prepared part will never give you the finish or the durability you need so we take extra care to ensure your parts are clean, properly blasted and completely clear of debris. Our blast technicians understand the need for the proper blast media, stream strength, angle, and cleanup. When we finish blasting your parts are ready to powder for outstanding results.

•          2340 Coarse Industrial Sand
•          4560 Fine Industrial Sand
•          Blackjack Slag Blasting Abrasive
•          Glass Blasting Abrasive
•          Traction Sand
•          Metal Shot

Ph Wash (Hot Steam Eco-Friendly Ph Wash)

Some parts require a more delicate approach to properly prepare them for powder coating. Others simply require a higher chemical washing to obtain the best results. For delicate parts, and many specialty items we use a hot steam eco-friendly Ph wash. Our wash provides excellent coverage for maximum cleaning while providing a gentle environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemicals.